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Ashley McDonald- 

Part time Coach

Nutrition Coach 

Ashley jokes that she’s been bro-lifting since before it was cool; always the only girl on the ‘boys side’ of the gym all through college.  A native of NJ, she started Crossfit in September 2015 to meet people after moving to the DC area.  She was immediately hooked, pursuing her Level I certification just months later with aspirations to coach as soon as she could. The rumors are true; you can find love at Crossfit and she sure did! She met her future husband at the gym, who managed to convince her to move out to Colorado. Crossfit WashPark was her first and only Colorado gym. There was no doubt it was where she wanted to be after meeting the owners, coaches and incredible community.  In addition to her love of fitness (muscle-ups and overhead movements if she had her pick), Ashley has a strong passion for health and wellness and is our resident nutrition coach, so feel free to pick her brain anytime! More info here.

  • CF L1

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified