In west Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground was..just kidding, Evin only lived in Philly for two years, but who doesn't like a little Will Smith in their day? Evin grew up in Virginia, and I spent the last decade in Pennsylvania.

She went to Penn State for undergrad and grad school, and during grad school (for speech therapy) Evin got certified as a CrossFit coach, yoga teacher, and Ki-Hara trainer. She became so fascinated with health and nutrition throughout grad school that upon graduation Evin decided to move to Denver and pursue a career in nutrition and fitness.

So here she is - loving the sunshine, stretching people out with Ki-Hara, coaching CrossFit, teaching yoga to CrossFitters, and just a few weeks away from my Nutrition Therapy Practitioner certification. Evin likes playing with my dog, reading all things health related, biking, gardening, playing music, and dancing like a weirdo.