Mat R

Featured Athlete - Mat R

1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? If not with CFWP, how/where did you start?

Just over a year with CFWP.

2. What got you involved with CrossFit?

Lack of gyms in the Baker neighborhood, and a craigslist ad.

3. What were your main concerns when you first started?

Answering a craigslist ad to workout at a garage in an alley. That, and the nausea I felt after doing wall balls the for first time. (Ed. note: Ah, early marketing efforts and wall balls off our house - the garage days!)

4. Why have you continued to do CrossFit?

Because I like working out to clear my mind, and the community is awesome!

5. What do you think about the CFWP community?

Definitely the best group of people ever, the main reason that I keep coming back.

6. Have CrossFit and CFWP met the expectations you had before you started?


7. What is your favorite part about CrossFit/CFWP?

Laying on the floor covered in sweat, and the way everyone at the box pushes each other to do their best.

8. How has CrossFit impacted your life?

I'm in better shape, and it has helped with being a mechanic; sometimes when you're stuck under the dash of a car for a while you need to find that same energy that gets you through Fran or Barbara or Karen... 

9. Favorite movement?

Pullups, and overhead squats.

10. Least favorite movement?

Burpees and Turkish Get ups.

11. What advice would you give to anyone interested in starting crossfit or just beginning?

Don't worry about your time or reps on the workout, just do the best you can. There's good days and bad days, but as long as you push yourself and know that you did your best, you're only going to improve.

12. What are some personal goals you are looking to achieve in the coming months?

Getting my first muscle up, stringing double unders together, and hopefully getting at least a 6 minute Fran.

13. Do you have a special moment/memory from your time CrossFitting you’d like to share? (something you’re proud of accomplishing, were inspired by, etc).

During the Nate workout this past week, when Kristina was doing muscle ups in the WOD, everyone stopped to cheer her on to get her second and third muscle ups. Definitely inspiring.

14. Finally, if you could design a WOD for Ethan to do, what would it be?

Something with pullups, and overhead squats, and maybe some running or rowing thrown in.