featured athlete - molly v

1.  How long have you been doing CrossFit? If not with CFWP, how/where did you start?

 I started at CFWP mid-August 2013 and have been doing CrossFit for about 11 months.   

2.  What got you involved with CrossFit? 

Paul McDaniel, a fellow member of CFWP, convinced me to give it a try.

3.  What were your main concerns when you first started?  

When I first joined CFWP, I was mostly concerned with my ability to do the lifts correctly without hurting myself.  My initial concerns quickly dissipated as I got to know the coaching staff and their commitment to safety and form.

4.  Why have you continued to do CrossFit? 

I learn something new in every WOD.  I think it is hard to find a workout that not only tests you physically & mentally, but also continues to do so week after week.

5.  What do you think about the CFWP community?  

The CFWP community is incredible.  I feel lucky to be a part of such a motivated group of individuals that are so supportive of each other. 

6.  Have CrossFit and CFWP met the expectations you had before you started.  

CFWP and CrossFit have definitely exceeded my expectations.

7.  What is your favorite part about CrossFit/CFWP?  

The CFWP coaches are my favorite part about CrossFit.  They are incredibly knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and hilarious.

8.  How has CrossFit impacted your life? 

CrossFit has definitely made me physically stronger but pressing through each workout has also made me mentally and emotionally stronger.
9.  Favorite movement?  

I really like all the CrossFit movements, except for the overhead squat.

10.  Least favorite movement?  

My least favorite CrossFit movement is definitely the overhead squat.

11.  What advice would you give to anyone interested in starting CrossFit or just beginning? 

I think the best advice I could give someone that is just starting CrossFit would be, pace yourself and don’t give up.  

12.  What are some personal goals you are looking to achieve in the coming months?  

My short term goal is a strict pull up and my long term goal is a muscle up.  

13.  Do you have a special moment/memory from your time CrossFitting you’d like to share?  (something you’re proud of accomplishing, were inspired by, etc).  

The excitement and encouragement everyone shows when someone hits a new PR is something that inspires me.  My favorite personal PR moments were when Ethan suggested a weight by rounding up to the nearest hundred and said “just give it a try.”  (Ed. note: Haha!  I do like to say this....but only when at athlete is currently lifting 90#, 190#, 290#, etc).

14.  Finally, if you could design a WOD for Ethan to do, what would it be? 

Similar to the 12 days of Christmas WOD:  1 pull up, 2 box jumps, 3 push press, 4 squat cleans, 5 push-ups, 6 back squats, 7 KB swings, 8 thrusters, 9 sit-ups, 10 HSPU 1:2:3:4:5:6:7:8:9:10.