An Illinois native, Lauren (also known as Ryan Tracy's younger and better looking sister) has recently relocated to Denver and is thrilled to be part of the CFWP community. Almost 3 years ago Lauren was busy with Tennis, Yoga and the "GloboGym" when she found CrossFit. Skeptical at first, she quickly fell in love with the variety of movements, and she realized that this "functional fitness" was so much more than simply burning calories or finishing a circuit of stationary machines. Instead CrossFit has offered Lauren a competitive outlet and she has embraced the daily mental and physical challenge of training.

While the potential to be a better athlete is what drew her to CrossFit, it is the Community that has kept her so engaged. The relationships that she has developed throughout this sport have been extremely fulfilling and she simply hopes to "pay it forward" by supporting CFWP athletes in their health & fitness journey while encouraging them strive to be their best. She hopes to pull from her experiences coaching basketball, softball and rugby to help our members reach their fitness goals that will ultimately (and most importantly) contribute to a long, active, and healthy life.