Meriah McLeish coach pic.jpg

Meriah grew up a small town athlete spending most of her high school years playing basketball, mixed with some gymnastics and a touch of track & field.  She started coaching and CrossFitting back in 2008 in Bozeman, MT after being introduced to by her brother at the peak of her un-fitness.  Meriah was always more of a 'strong' athlete and instantly loved the variety of workouts that CrossFit provided.  Over the years she has competed in many CrossFit competitions (including a trip to the NW Regionals in 2011), and has recently made more of a switch in focus to Olympic Weightlifting, where she is a nationally ranked 75kg lifter.  

While her specialty may be Olympic lifting she holds several CrossFit certifications and is eager to learn more inside and out of CrossFit.  Each athlete is a mini-athletic puzzle.  Everybody moves their own way, interprets cues their own way and all in an effort to reach their own specific goals.  She enjoys seeing athletes gain confidence by doing what they once though impossible.


-CrossFit Level 1  2008

-CrossFit Nutrition 2008

-CrossFit Gymnastics 2009

-CrossFit Kids 2009

-CrossFit Mobility 2011

-CrossFit Coach's Prep Course 2011

-CrossFit Endurance 2011

-CrossFit Powerlifting 2011

-USAW Level One Coach 2012

-CrossFit Kettlebell 2012

-CrossFit Olympic Lifting 2013