Nutrition Services

With Ashley McDonald

At CFWP, we truly believe that a dedicated nutrition plan will not only improve your physique, but contribute to both increased performance and aerobic capacity in the gym and your overall health and well-being in everyday life.

There are so many factors that can contribute to not seeing the results you want, despite hitting the gym 3-5x a week.  Meal timing and macronutrient intake can play a vital role in optimizing how your body processes foods around training and sometimes, it can even boil down to the fact that you aren’t eating enough! Imagine that, a nutrition coach who will work with you to eat MORE while losing fat and increasing lean body mass.

If you’re ready to create a sustainable lifestyle change and improve your relationship with food and your body, we offer two different plans based on your needs:

  • 1-hour consultation with nutrition coach

    • We’ll review 3-5 days of logged food entry and changes you’re looking to achieve

    • You will provided with a unique nutrition plan that fits your goals

    • Does not include formal follow-up or changes in original plan

  • Monthly 1-1 nutrition coaching

    • In addition to the 1- hour consultation and unique nutrition plan, you will have unlimited email access to your coach, along with weekly check-ins and your coach may make any adjustments needed to the current plan

      • No commitment to continue after 1 month, but additional months and plan adjustments are available at a reduced cost