See our current class and open gym schedule below.

  • "WOD" denotes our regular group CrossFit classes.  All experienced CrossFitters (i.e. those that have completed our Elements Program or an Intro Program at another CF gym) are welcome to sign up for attend any WOD (Level 1 or Level 2).  New CrossFitters will complete either our month-long Elements Intro Program, or our 1-on-1 Personal Coaching Intro Sessions, and can find details on these options here.

  • "Open gym" is available for all athletes with a current CFWP membership to lift, work a skill and/or make up a WOD (a certified L1 CF coach is present but there is no official coaching offered).

  • All other times are potential hours for personal training or private Intro sessions by appointment.

To purchase a membership (or drop-in) click the button below or click directly on the calendar!