Time and again we are hear that our community, environment, and commitment to personal attention are what set us apart. If you are new to CrossFit though, it will probably be hard to appreciate these differences by reading a few lines on a website - the atmosphere and coaching at different CF gyms vary wildly.  We recommend you try out CFWP as well as a few CF gyms around town and see which experience you prefer!  Here's our story, and what motivates us:

Enrich. Empower. Inspire.

In 2010, I felt like I was drifting in life - unmotivated, without a clear sense of purpose, not unhappy but not happy either.  I discovered CrossFit by starting to do it by myself in my garage, and found more than just a way to get in incredible shape.  I found inspiration.  The more I learned the more passionate I became.  My wife and I started CrossFit Wash Park because we realized something had been missing in our lives.  We wanted to be happier.  We wanted to gain confidence.  We wanted to be the best possible versions of ourselves - physically, mentally, and emotionally.  And most importantly, we wanted to find others who felt the same.


We believe CrossFit is an ideal pursuit with which to chase these goals.  In the 6+ years since we've been helping people across Denver get healthier and happier,  we've developed a growing community that is a focal point of our lives.  We have no aspirations to have hundreds of members or a stadium sized facility.  For us, the primary goal is to build strong relationships with a vested group of incredible people who want to improve inside and outside the gym.  Coaches and athletes alike, helping each other to grow.

Photo by Dan Shaw during the 2017 Triple Threat competition. 

Photo by Dan Shaw during the 2017 Triple Threat competition. 

Because the health and happiness of our athletes is our priority, we emphasize proper movement and technique with everything we do in the gym.  We work hard to provide a fun, positive, welcoming atmosphere.  We have monthly gym-wide events.  We keep our classes small so your coaches get to know you well and provide you with a lot of personal attention.  We spend a lot of time together outside of the gym. We support you whether you train two times a week or two times a day.  We are obsessed about learning as much as possible about human movement and improvement. We help establish nutrition plans.  We offer goal setting workshops and specialty seminars.  We tailor programming to our competitive CrossFitters and casual athletes alike.  We celebrate achievements big and small. We are interested in the whole you.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please come in for a free class and talk to our athletes in person, check out what's happening with the CFWP community on our Facebook page, or read what some of our featured athletes have said. Hope to see you soon!

-Ethan Goetz, Owner & Head Coach of CFWP