October 11, 2014

Thanks for all of you that showed up to support Mike and E at the Ocho CF competition last night!  Great showing - you guys made up a huge percentage of the spectators! - and what a testament to the CFWP community!  Heat times for us Saturday, and the team (Loren, Davy, Brad) heat times Sat night and Sun day, are up on FB in case any of you want to come hang out!  We'll have a tent up and there were spectators with beers walking around all evening (just sayin'). 


  • Sled push, 6x40m 195#/150#


In teams of 3, in the time in takes for the team to row 2400m (800m each), non-rowing partners complete AMRAP of:

  • 40 Medball Step ups, 20#/14#, 24"/20"
  • 8 Wall climbs

One non-rowing partner works at a time; "resting" partner holds a plank.  When the rowing partner completes his/her 800m, a partner who hasn't rowed yet gets on the rower and the one who just finished hops in to the AMRAP.