November 1, 2014

***Remember next Saturday 11/8, 11am-2pm, is our next event!  CFWP WOD Challenge!


  • 8x200m
  • Run every 2 minutes


In teams of 3, in the time in takes to row 2400m (6 sets of 400m), complete AMRAP of:

  • 24 One arm KB snatch, 53#/35# (6 right, then 6 left for each non-rower)
  • 32 Plate OH lunge, 45#/35#

Teams will keep the same rowing order throughout, and each partner rows 400m twice. Of the non-rowers, each partner will consecutively complete 12 snatches before moving to the lunges, and then 16 lunges before moving back to the snatches. Only one non-rowing partner is working on their set at a time; "Resting" partner holds a plank.

Open Gym