February 21, 2015


  • Today is the last day we're using MindBody!  We are moving to Zen Planner on Monday!  You should receive info via email about how to transition to the new system.  Please enter your bank or CC payment info if you haven't already! Our new payment/sign-up site will be www.crossfitwashpark.zenplanner.com.  We're really excited to make the switch and are confident this will provider a better experience for CFWP!
  • If you have even passing interest in doing so, go sign up for the 2015 CrossFit Open! It's a blast and we're doing the workouts on Fridays from 2/28-3/28 anyway!


  • In teams of 2, complete 250m row x8 (alternating)
  • 2 heats for rowing; when your heat is not rowing, complete an alternating EMOM of (odd) pistol practice and (even) 30 sec plank


In teams of 2, complete for time:

  • 100 Box step ups, 20", 95#/65# in back rack (one partner works at a time; resting partner completes HS hold)
  • 100 MB sit ups, 20#/14#, passing ball back and forth (each partner completes 50)
  • 100 KB snatch, 53#/35# (one partner works at a time)