Thoughts on the CF Open on the Eve of 15.5

Many of you have heard me talk about this in the past week or so, but I wanted to talk a little about potential frustrations (stemming from expectations) regarding the Open:

Obviously, the 2015 CF Open has been much harder, in terms of required skill/strength to Rx, than every other year.  Most likely, this is here to stay - Rx'ing any/all Open WODs going forward will be a big achievement.  Understandably, this has some of you frustrated, demoralized, and/or questioning whether you're "even getting better at this." 

But consider the programming at CFWP, and the Rx movements/reps we see weekly/regularly: muscle-ups, t2b, HSPU, C2B pullups, STRICT gymnastic movements, 135#/95# snatch and OHS and thrusters, 155#/115# clean and S2OH, etc. 

More than 95% or more of CFWPers are scaling some or all of the above movements or rep schemes on a near daily basis.  If you are scaling muscle-ups every week, and it has no effect on your mental state on a random Tuesday, does it make sense for it to bother you on a certain Friday in March where you happen to enter your score online?  If you've gone from 2 ab mats on HSPU to 1 ab mat, should you question your growth because you couldn't Rx 15.4? 

In CF and in life, you can hide from failure, be embarrassed by it; or you can learn and grow from failure, using it as feedback to improve.  We clearly aim to establish a community that does the latter.  Scaling does not represent failure; it represents a path of development (not to mention humility and an emphasis on better movement).  Don't let "Rx" be the end all.  Chris Spealler's tattoo says "I am not ashamed to fail."  What a great motto to live by!

One of the best things the Open provides is an awareness of weaknesses - in mobility, strength, skill, etc.  If you have anything very specific you are taking from this year, please come to us and we'll put you on a plan to attack it!  But remember to be patient with yourself.  That whats-his-name did a muscle-up in his first week of CF does not have any bearing on your progress and development, and should not affect your ego.  Other people's achievements are out of your control, let them go. 

Instead, take a look in your book, and look at a WOD from 6 or 12 months ago.  Reflect on your progress and be proud!  If you were on bands a year ago, and now are stringing together chin over pullups, savor it!   Doing toes-to-bars or 95# cleans in WODs now?  Congratulate yourself!  Trust the process and you will meet the goals you are shooting for.  And remember: we do this to get healthier and fitter, to surround ourselves with people we enjoy, and to HAVE FUN!  I hope you find that every day at CFWP you're doing all 3.

I'm proud of all of you, and can't wait to see what you'll do, not just with 15.4, but in the coming months! Now let's get after it!