March 4, 2015


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  • TONIGHT 7pm! Short Stories, Tall Beers is meeting at the Former Future Brewing Company on Broadway.  Story is posted on FB.
  • Saturday 3/7, 9pm - CFWP Night at Grizzly Rose!  Details on FB.  Thanks Kayla and Hailey for organizing!  Don't miss this!


  • Deadlifts, work up to a heavy 7
  • Strict HSPU practice between sets


For time (5 min cap),

  • 60 Cal row
  • 20 hand release pushups

Then 5 Min EMOM of

  • 5 Deadlifts, 225#/155#
  • 20 Double unders

Then 5 min EMOM of

  • 5 Power cleans, 135#/95#
  • 5 HSPU

Open athletes:

  • Stay under 70% in the strength session and consider just doing mobility
  • For the WOD, pick weights and rep schemes that are keeping you at under 75% effort.  Treat the row like you are starting 14.4.  Reps for EMOM should be done in ~30 seconds or less without requiring max effort.