March 5, 2015


  • If you haven't already, please go in and enter your bank account or CC info so payment processing continues on schedule.  Thanks!
  • Come watch the announcement of 15.2 at CFWP Thursday at 6pm, and then we'll be doing the Open in all the classes Friday.  Friday evening we'll just have continuous heats of 15.2 until everyone is done!
  • Saturday 3/7, 9pm - CFWP Night at Grizzly Rose!  Details on FB.  Thanks Kayla and Hailey for organizing!  Don't miss this!


  • 5x {1 clean + 2 Split jerks}
  • Pendlay row x5 between sets


For 12 minutes, start each minute with 15 seconds of plank, then in the remainder of the minute complete

  • 6 Power snatch, 95#/65# (odd minutes); 6 OH lunge, 95#/65# (even minutes)
  • 2 Strict Toes-to-bar or 4 Kipping Toes-to-bar

If you are doing the Open on Friday but still want to train at 90+% today anyway, go by feel and back off as you see fit.