March 7, 2015


  • If you haven't already, please go in and enter your bank account or CC info so payment processing continues on schedule.  Thanks!
  • Saturday 3/7, 9pm - CFWP Night at Grizzly Rose!  Details on FB.  Thanks Kayla and Hailey for organizing!  Don't miss this!  There is a party bus leaving CFWP at 830pm (seats are full), but carpooling behind the party bus is a decent idea!


  • 4x400m run
  • Rest exactly 2 minutes between runs


In teams of 4, complete:

  • 3000m row in 250m increments (everyone rows three times)

Non-rowing partners complete AMRepsAP of:

  • KB snatch, 53#/35#
  • Med ball clean, 20#/14#

Only one partner can work on a movement at a time; one partner rests while 3 are working.