April 17, 2015


  • We signed a lease on a new 6000sf space for CFWP!  We will be moving this summer to 393 S. Broadway - roughly 800m from our current location in the same retail center (next to Kmart right by the Alameda light rail stop)!  The target move date is 7/1, we'll keep you in the loop on all details as they happen!  We cannot wait to provide a bigger and better facility for you all - get excited!
  • LT & Aileen are hosting a CFWP Ladies Night this Saturday 4/18 - Poppin Bottles!  Gabe is hosting a boys poker night the same evening.  Ask for info at the gym and look for details on FB if you're interested!


  • Push press, work up to a heavy double
  • Strict/weighted pullups between sets


In teams of 3, for time:

  • Each teammate rows 500m twice (so team rows 3000m)

Non-rowing partners complete:

  • 120 Push press, 115#/75#
  • 120 Strict Pullups
  • 480 Double unders

Teams get one barbell, one pullup spot, and 2 jump ropes.  If movements are completed before the rowing is done, resting partners hold a plank.