May 16, 2015


  • We signed a lease on a new 6000sf space for CFWP!  We will be moving this summer to 393 S. Broadway - roughly 800m from our current location (next to Kmart right by the Alameda light rail stop)! 
  • A group of CFWPers are going to the Denver Barn Party, TONIGHT!  We'll be pub crawling down on the light rail to the Mineral Station, where buses shuttle us to the party. The plan at Pub on Pearl around 4pm for the first stop!


  • Sled push 8x40m


In teams of 2, complete for time:

  • Twelve 200m Runs, partners alternate and complete 6 each

Non-running parter completes ME of:

  • KB swings, 53#/35# (runs 1 and 4)
  • KB snatch, 53#/35# (runs 2 and 5)
  • KB OH Lunge, 53#/35# (runs 3 and 6)