July 30, 2015


  • If you're excited by what you saw on ESPN last weekend with the CrossFit Games, we'd love to have you come in for a free class and see what we're all about!  New CrossFitters should aim to try out one of our L1/L2 classes, experienced CFers can come by anytime.  Click here to sign yourself in
  • We signed a lease on a new 6000sf space for CFWP!  Our move to 393 S. Broadway - roughly 800m from our current location (next to Kmart right by the Alameda light rail stop) - is right around the corner.  We are starting classes there Monday 8/3, and our "moving party" will kick off this Friday afternoon/evening!  We are cancelling classes this Friday night and Saturday morning - you can still come in and get a workout in - and we'd love to have as much help as we can get this weekend!


  • Find a heavy of 1 Hang power snatch + 1 Hang squat snatch + 2 OHS
  • Strict/weighted ring dip practice between sets


2 Rounds of:

  • 1 minute Row for cal, 1 minute Rest
  • 1 minute Power snatch, 75#/55#, 1 minute Rest
  • 1 minute Double unders, 1 minute rest
  • 1 minute Burpee over bar, 1 minute rest

The goal is to be consistent across the 2 rounds for each movement.