CFWP Summer Throwdown - 8/22/15

WOD 1: Medley

In 10 minutes for total reps, with one partner working at a time, complete:

3 Rounds of:

  • 5 Clean & Jerks, 135#/95#
  • 30 Wall Balls, 20#/14#

Once 3 rounds are completed, then

  • 30 burpees over bar

then once burpees are completed:

  • ME Double Unders in remaining time.

Scoring: Total reps.  Each round of C&J + WB is 45 reps; all 3 rounds completed is 135 reps.  Completing the burpees makes 165 total reps.  Any double unders are added to this number.

Rx standards: One partner works at a time, whether your team requires different weights (mixed gender, scaled, etc) or not.  Share the reps however you like.  BB starts on the floor for every rep, touches the front rack position, and finishes with full extension OH (hips, knees, elbows extended).  Wall balls over blue line for guys, in blue line for ladies. Burpees are 2 foot takeoff and landing.  Double unders only count if the rope passes twice under both feet (so don’t count any reps you trip up on).  Each teammate can hold their own rope but only one partner works at a time.

WOD 2: Bear and Boat

In 10 minutes, with partners alternating every round, complete AMRepsAP of:

  • 10m Bear Crawl
  • 7 Toes-to-bar
  • 7 Front squat, 135#/95#
  • 7 Pullups
  • 10m Bear Crawl

Scoring: Total reps.  While partner A completes 1 round, partner B is rowing for calories, then switch. Each 10m bear crawl is partitioned into 2 “reps”, so there are 25 reps/round in the AMRAP.  Throughout, team accumulates as many calories as possible on the rower, and adds them to their reps for the AMRAP.  For example: 3 rounds plus 10m bear crawl and 5 toes-to-bar (82 reps) plus 74 calories on the rower would be a score of 156.  Higher is better.

Rx standards: For the bear crawl, both hands start behind the designated line and both hands finish across the designated line. BB comes from the floor.  You know the standards for the rest (toes hit the bar at the same time, feet pass back through parallel, chin over the bar on pullups, etc).

Floater 1: Pain Cave

For time:

  • 400m x 2 (Relay-style)

Each partner will run 400m, one at a time.  “Resting” partner completes ME Assault Bike for calories (while partner is running).     

Scoring: The time starts with the first runner having both feet on the mat (off the wood) by the back right door, and the other partner on the bike. When the first runner returns and tags the partner on the bike, they switch.  The event is completed when the second runner gets both feet on the mat (off the wood), and calories are recorded at this time (no additional calories from the bike spinning after the runs are completed).  Record the time for both partners to complete the runs (in seconds), and subtract the number of calories achieved on the bike. E.g. 3:20 for the runs is 200 seconds.   If the bike reads 45 calories when the second runner returns from the run, the score is 200-45=155. Lower is better.

Floater 2: Snatch Complex

In 6 minutes, each partner finds a max of:

  • 2 Snatch-grip Deadlift + 2 Hang Snatch (any type) + 2 OH walking lunges (1 right + 1 left).

Make as many attempts as you want in the 6 minutes, only one partner working at a time.

Scoring: Score is the total of each partner’s heaviest lift completed within the 6 minute timecap.  For example:  Partner 1 successfully completes 100#. Then partner 2 successfully completes 115#.  Then partner 1 successfully completes 115#.  Then partner 2 fails while attempting 125#.  Total score would be 115 + 115 = 230.  Higher is better.

Rx standards: Deadlifts are touch-n-go; each snatch finishes in full knee, hip, elbow extension with bar OH; lunges are FORWARD and require the knee to touch the floor and bar is under control OH when the feet come back together. Feet return together on the ground before second lunge is started, and to complete the second lunge.  After the second deadlift, the barbell cannot touch the ground again until after the final lunge is completed.