December 10, 2016 - CFWP Throwdown TODAY! No regular classes or Fundamentals


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  • TODAY we are hosting our 5th annual CFWP Holiday Throwdown!  As such, there will be no regular classes or Fundamentals this morning.  As always, friends/family/all skill levels welcome! 


In 10 minutes, with partners alternating rounds, complete AMRAP of::

  • 5 Deadlifts, 135#/95#

  • 4 Hang power cleans,135#/95#

  • 3 Front squats,135#/95#

  • 2 Shoulder-to-overhead,135#/95#

  • 1 Thruster,135#/95#

Resting partner holds a medball in front (not on shoulder or on the side) while partner works. Ball can be dropped when barbell is put down.  Score is total reps completed.


In 10 minutes, with one partner working at a time, complete AMRAP of::

  • 40/30 Cal bike (minimum reps: 15/boy, 10/girl)

  • 40 Wall Balls, 20"/14" (minimum reps: 15/athlete)

  • 30 Burpee Box jump overs, 30"/24" (minimum reps: 10/athlete)

  • 30 Pullups (minimum reps: 10/athlete)

  • 20 Toes-to-bar (minimum reps: 5/athlete)

  • 120 Double unders (no minimum reps)

Score is total reps completed (280 reps per round).  Partners can break up the reps as desired as long as each partner meets the minimum work requirement for each movement. On the burpee box jumps, the athlete does NOT need to open their hips on top of the box.  All other standards are as usual.

Floater 1

  • Max calorie row + Max 5m Shuttle runs in 4:00.  Partners must switch every 10 cal on the rower.  

Scoring: 1 cal = 1 rep.  5m run = 1 rep.  The rower will be set for a 4:00 timer.  The running is completed in a 5m down, 5m back shuttle run format.  A judge will count the running reps (down is 1 rep, back is another rep, etc).  The runner must begin behind the starting line, get both feet across the 5m line, touch the ground behind the line, and return.  A rep is completed when both feet are behind the line with one hand on the ground.

Floater 2 (Repeat from 2014 CFWP Holiday Throwdown)

3 Rounds for time:

  • Partner 1 OH carry, 115#/75# 20m down and 20m back (cannot advance unless BB is OH); Partner 2 waits at the starting line while holding a barbell however he/she wants

  • Partner 2 OH carry, 115#/75# 20m down and 20m back (cannot advance unless BB is OH); Partner 1 waits at the starting line while holding a barbell however he/she wants

Score is total time, and requires a judge to start/stop a running clock.  Each partner has a barbell and at the count of 3-2-1 go, they each pick their bar up. Partner 1 will run 20m down, around the designated marker, and back to the starting line. Partner 2 begins their run when Partner 2 is across the starting line.  Any time either barbell hits the ground, both partners must complete 3 burpees over the bar.  Both partners run 3 times.