Look better naked and have FUN doing it!

Curious about CrossFit? Been doing it for a while but looking for a new gym to call your home?  We would love to show you our brand of CrossFit and help you reach your goals. We'll teach you what you need to be successful no matter what your experience level is or what your fitness goals might be, everyone is welcome.  If you're hesitant about getting started, check out this series of blog posts from Dr. Lisa Goodman of Washington Park Chiropractic for a medical professional's take on starting CrossFit with us.  In January 2016, Lisa committed to a 2-month trial at CFWP, has now given CF a thumbs up from her experience, and has been training with us ever since!

Step One: Come Try uS Out for Free!

  • Anyone new to CrossFit should stick to a L1/L2 class for their free trial class.  Sign up here!  No experience required; our coaches will scale and modify any and everything necessary for whatever skill/fitness level you have on day 1.  Our goal is for you to get a feel for the community, coaching philosophy, and types of workouts you'll be doing on a regular basis! 
  • Experienced CrossFitters (i.e. those who've completed an Intro Program at another CrossFit affiliate) can come to any class to check us out.  Sign up here!

Step Two: If you Like it, come on board!

  • New CrossFitters will start out with our Intro Program!  Attend our Fundamentals class (two-hour class held on nearly all Saturdays 8am-10am).  Fundamentals is $149, and includes a month of unlimited classes.  Purchase Fundamentals here, or email Ethan (ethan@crossfitwashpark.com) if that day/time doesn't work for you and we'll come up with a work-around.
  • Experienced CrossFitters (i.e. those who've completed an Intro Program at another CrossFit affiliate) can hop right into a regular membership.

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Scroll down for more details on our Intro Programs, regular membership options, and pricing.  If you have any questions at all, please contact us!  

  • ethan@crossfitwashpark.com
  • 505-980-6198

Members talk about their workout experience at CrossFit Wash Park. CrossFit Wash park is located at393 S. Broadway in Denver.


Once a new athlete completes Fundamentals/Elements or has the green light to bypass our Intro Programs, our membership options are:

*Month-to-month memberships can be cancelled with 7-day notice prior to billing date.

Individual or Small Group Training

Prefer a one-on-one training sessions to group classes? Want to train with only 1 or 2 people of your choice? CrossFit Wash Park offers one-hour individual ($75) or small group training sessions by appointment ($60 each for two people, $50 each for three) .  Larger groups will be priced accordingly - this is a great option for sports teams who want to train together.  Contact us to schedule!