February 14, 2015 - Happy Valentine's Day!


  • We are moving over to a new payment/class sign-up provider, Zen Planner, by next Monday, 2/23.  More info to follow this week about accounts and entering your CC or EFT payment in the new system!  We're really excited to make the switch and are confident this will provider a better experience for CFWP!
  • If you have even passing interest in doing so, go sign up for the 2015 CrossFit Open! It's $20, and you can always stop posting scores but you can't sign up after the Open starts!  Please come talk to me or any coach if you have apprehension - we don't think you'll regret it!


  • 10x100m
  • Run every 90 seconds

Valentine's Partner WOD

Part 1 - The Break Up: Death by

  • Burpees G2OH, 45#/35#

1 Burpee G2OH in min 1, 2 Burpee G2OH in min 2, etc until one or both partners fail to complete the reps in a minute

Rest 3 minutes then

The MakeUp: 6 Minute AMRAP of:

  • Row 250m/Run 200m
  • ME Turkish Get ups, 53#/35#

Partners alternate movements.