February 26, 2015


  • We are officially using Zen Planner now!  Our new payment/sign-up site is now www.crossfitwashpark.zenplanner.com.  Use that site to sign up for classes, and make purchases online.  If you haven't already, please go in and enter your bank account or CC info so payment processing continues on schedule.  Thanks!
  • Last chance, go sign up for the 2015 CrossFit Open! It's a blast and we're doing the workouts on Fridays from 2/28-3/28 anyway!  We will be putting all registered CFWPers on teams of 4 for a blind draw, in-house, FOR FUN competition.  Open WOD 15.1 will be announced at 6pm, come on over to the gym to watch it if you're on a rest day!


  • Strict press, work up to a heavy 5;
  • Push press, work up to a heavy 5
  • Pendlay Row work up to a heavy 5 between sets


In teams of 3 complete

  • 3000m row in 500m blocks (each partner rows twice)

Non- rowing partners alternate between:

  • 25 KB swings, 53#/35#
  • Double unders/Hollow rocks

So the first time through, alternate KB swings and DUs; second time through, alternate KB and HRs.