March 18, 2016


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  • Attention new CrossFitters!  Our Fundamentals Intro Program runs every Saturday, 9am-11am.  Click here to find out more and sign up!  If you're hesitant about getting started, check out this ongoing series of blog posts from Dr. Lisa Goodman of Washington Park Chiropractic for a medical professional's take on starting CrossFit with us.  At the start of 2016, Lisa committed to a 2-month trial at CFWP, has now given CF a thumbs up from her experience, and will be continuing to train with us regularly now that her experiment is over! Day 1, The Best Parts of Gym Class, Everything is Everything, How do you learn CrossFit?, CrossFit Week 4, Joint MobilityMyofascial Release, Tiny Setback, Week 8 - Continuing with CrossFit
  • Reminder: The gym will open for Friday Night Lights today at 430pm today!  Heats starting 5pm and going every 30 minutes until everyone is done!  CFWP Nutrition Lecture, Saturday 3/19, 8am-9am.  Our very own Kristin Wallace (a registered dietician) will be giving this talk.  Come learn about improving what and how you're eating, and stick around for a workout at 9am!  All welcome!

WOD: 16.4

In 13 minutes, complete AMRepsAP of:

  • 55 Deadlift, 225#/155#
  • 55 Wall balls, 20#/14#
  • 55 Calorie Row
  • 55 HSPU

The tie break time is when the row is completed.