January 20, 2018


  • Curious about CrossFit or looking for a new CF gym? We'd love to have you come in for a free class and see what we're all about! New CrossFitters should aim to try out one of our L1/L2 classes, experienced CFers can come by anytime.  Click here to sign yourself in!  
  • Attention potential CrossFitters!  Think you need to already be "in shape" to get started?  Are you intimidated by the intensity or by doing movements you're unfamiliar with?   Checking out this article - "Scared of CrossFit?" - might change your mind!  Our Fundamentals Intro Program runs nearly every Saturday, 8am-10am. Click here to find out more and sign up!  If you're still hesitant about getting started, click here to find a series of blog posts from Dr. Lisa Goodman for a medical professional's take on starting CrossFit with us at CFWP!  
  • We are excited to announce that one of our athletes, Kristen Sanchez, will now be treating patients as a satellite location for Cascade Sports Injury Prevention and Physical Therapy at CFWP! For more information about pricing or to schedule an appointment call (303) 484-1232, text (925) 487-1904, or email kristen@csinjuryprevention.com


In teams of 2, with 1 partner rowing at a time, complete

  • 10-20-30-40-50 cal each
  • Aim for consistent cal/hr across all sets; Note: partner 1 gets less rest so plan accordingly


Complete 2 rounds of:

  • 2 Min AMRAP of 8 Ring Rows + 12 Double DB Bench press, 50#/35
  • 2 Min Rest
  • 2 Min AMRAP of 10 Single arm OH DB lunge, 50#/35# + 10/7 Cal bike
  • 2 Min Rest

For Rx ring rows, set the bottom of the rings at height of feet; rings touch the chest at the top of every rep