January 12, 2015

Remember our 8-week CrossFit Kids (ages 5-8) session starts tomorrow!  Every Tuesday at 4pm, 1/13-3/3.  If you know anyone interested, please let them/me know!


Front squat, 1RM

Strict/weighted pullups between sets


10 Minutes for total thrusters & total pullups (aim for consistency across rounds)

Odd minutes:

  • 30 seconds max effort thrusters, 95#/65# (Rx+ pick a weight you can make 10+ unbroken every round)
  • 30 seconds rest

Even minutes:

  • 30 seconds max effort pullups (Rx+ make 10+ unbroken C2B Pullups for as many rounds  as possible, then switch to chin over)
  • 30 seconds rest

*compare to 1/7/14